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Susan Bourn – Midpoint Office Inc

With more years in the contract furniture industry than she likes to admit, Susan has extensive experience in the operational side within the dealership and has worked on the manufacturer side also.  She holds a design degree and owned a successful dealership in Orange County for 18 years.  With her focus on the details she believes that the dealer has the responsibility to be the client guide through the planning and furniture selection stages while leaving the rest of the details for the dealer to perform.  Clients have far more than just the acquisition of furniture to deal with and a qualified and experienced dealer will relieve the burden from the buyer.  Susan has been an integral part of many successful projects over the decades for business, colleges and universities, healthcare providers and many projects for Federal, State and Local governments.  Susan founded Midpoint Office, Inc., with John Helbig, after leaving the greater Los Angeles area for the Central Coast choosing the mid-point in the state to begin the next of life’s adventures.

Susan has lived in California since 1980 after her family moved from the United Kingdom and is a US citizen.  She has a son who served in the US Air Force and a daughter in college studying interior design.

John Helbig - Midpoint Office, Inc

John Helbig – Midpoint Office, Inc

Beginning his career in handcrafted cabinetry, John entered the contract furniture industry first as an installer before moving to sales.  Much like Susan, John has more years in the industry than he likes to admit.  His hands on experience made his transition to sales much easier as he sees projects in a different light and is often able to find interesting ways to use furniture to provide the maximum function and value beyond the original purpose.  John carries a full tool box and it’s not unusual to see him on site during installation helping to fine tune.  Rather than the installers being the last people the client sees its John.  John has negotiated with manufacturers to win many projects over the decades by being the full solution for service and products that perform exactly to the needs of private and public clients.  His experience with multiple manufacturers while employed at several reputable dealers in the greater Los Angeles area earned him top honors for consistent sales performance.  The name Midpoint Office was John’s brainchild having multiple meanings but with one singular goal:  Providing superior service to every client from a desk or chair purchase to a full facility move or renovation.

John is still a Buckeye at heart having moved from Ohio to California in 1991 where there is no need to shovel the sunshine.  In his spare time he enjoys travel (including an annual trip to Ohio to see his five siblings), architecture, wood working and home improvement projects.