Art, Plants, Wall Coverings and Flooring

“If walls could talk” – well they do and they say a lot about the facility and give a message to everyone who enters.  Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive but an integrated art and plant program has been shown to enhance the workplace and promote a sense of well-being.  Whether you wish to include existing pieces or start fresh, we can help make sure the placement reflects the image of the company.  We’ve found plants provide just the right connection with the outdoors.

Wall coverings include paint, wallpaper and wall panels that draw a visitor in or push them away.  We work with you to select a color palette that will work with your furniture to provide contrast or visual texture.  Flooring from carpet squares, roll goods, or hard surface flooring in every material imaginable can be selected to provide the best return on investment in terms of aesthetic, durability and long-term maintenance.