Ergonomics & Technology

In addition to ergonomically correct seating, there are other tools that can help minimize the possibility of repetitive stress injuries, saving on workers compensation costs, and improving productivity.  A keyboard tray positions the hands to avoid contact with the edge of the desk, and an adjustable stand lifts the monitor to eye level.  Changing the height of a work surface or adding a foot rest can be a very inexpensive way to accommodate shorter or taller employees.

Technology is being used in the workplace like never before with employees are using smart phones, tablets and laptops.  Consequently employees are more mobile than ever both within the facility and outside.  Wi-Fi can keep mobile people connected but power sources to recharge need to be accessible to keep working.  We look at all the areas where employees work and help evaluate with your IT department so that network connections, hot spots and power sources are placed correctly.

We can also equip off-site employees with furniture and technology for working from home.  Providing a designated work area whether in a separate room or adjacent to living areas can minimize distractions from the environment that can adversely affect performance.