Private Office

No longer does the private office consist of large dark wood desk, leather chair and perhaps a credenza and bookcase or two that are referred to as case goods.  Today the private office is designed to accommodate a variety of functions, often being shared part time or full time by two or more individuals.  There is a need for a place where confidential tasks and conversations can be performed but that also allows for collaboration and small meetings.  Often the private office furnishings are a reflection of the company “personality” that integrates with the overall facility plan and furniture “standards” to show everything from a cutting edge to a traditional image.  Whether to compliment or contrast the open plan the choices are virtually unlimited for materials such as laminate or wood, styling in clean lines or more traditional with moldings and ornate hardware.  Whatever your business needs we have solutions and can provide finish samples, brochures, layouts including colored renderings to be sure the function, look and feel represent the company and the work you do.

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