The majority of seating is purchased to fit function, aesthetic and price point but we really need to be looking at how long each type of seating will be used and who will be using it.  Varieties include task, executive, conference, guest, lounge, modular, high density and/or specialized use that can be on a variety of bases that may have casters, glides or fixed just to begin.  Lounge seating can be plush and upholstered to modular and should reflect the company image and coordinate with any other furniture in the room or area and most often gives visitors a place to wait. As you move into the work place seating gets more usage and needs to be considered carefully as employees who have the right kind of seating for the work day, often referred to as task seating, will be their most productive when properly supported and adjusted to ergonomically fit the user.  No single chair is right for everybody but we can find the correct solutions for your work place.  An employee who is uncomfortable and experiencing pain should not be ignored as the costs for workers compensation claims continue to escalate.  An investment of the correct task seating should take preference over all other furnishings as this is the pieces that interacts with the user the most.  The price points vary but the saying is true: “You get what you pay for.”  We suggest using less expensive seating in areas where usage is less demanding and saving the budget for the more intensive usage needs.  Executives are often performing more task based operations such as email and other computer usage and need the same type of performance from their seating.  We have models you can “test drive” through the selection process before making the investment.  We’ll also return when the seating is delivered to make sure employees know how to adjust the chair to fit them properly.

Most work spaces will also need conference and guest seating for formal and informal meetings and for any common use areas such as training and break rooms where comfort and ease of maintenance needs to be balanced with the company image.

Specialty seating is also available for the various needs of industries such as hospitality and healthcare where function, maintenance and durability are of the utmost importance.

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