Systems & Open Plan

Systems furniture, workstations, cubicles, modular furniture, open plan, desking and benching are all terms used to describe the office furniture used in open work spaces. They consist of a variety of work surfaces, storage components such as drawer units and overhead cabinets, panels that can vary in height, paper management accessories, electrical components and many other pieces which are used to divide space in offices and workplaces and provide all the necessary work space for the users.

When it comes to selecting the right furniture and designing a layout your primary focus should be your employee productivity, which directly impacts your profitability. Beyond this there are other considerations such as crafting a workspace that is adaptable to your market’s technological and operational changes and creating areas that assist in recruiting and retaining talented personnel, all of which have an impact on your profitability.  The decision to use systems furniture can be complex and it is important to work with professionals who can guide you through the necessary decisions; educating you along the way and helping you develop your optimum workspace design. We will discover whether your organization’s best solution is to use cubicle walls for privacy, apply more of an open configuration to increase collaboration, or implement cutting edge benching products to enable rapid communication among a work team.

The objective is for your company’s team members to perform tasks more efficiently, have a healthy motivating work environment, allow you to integrate and utilize new forms of technology, allow the workspace to adapt to change easily and economically and even enable you to use less floor space and lower your facilities costs.  The investment in systems furniture is recovered in the improved organizational efficiencies and the immediate increase in productivity as employees adapt to the new environment especially when the environment is functionally, aesthetically and technologically enhanced.

Open Plan Benching - B   Open Plan Modular Furniture - A

Open Plan Benching - A  Open Plan Modular Furniture - B