Relocation Management

People often think that because they have moved their home, they can move an office.  We simply do not see a business move go smoothly without an experience consultant or facility manager to handle the transition from one space to another.  When you move your home you can get by without opening all the boxes but an office missing documents, printers or telephones doesn’t operate.  In addition, most of the people assigned the task of coordinating the move still have their regular work duties and don’t have the time.

We carefully take physical inventory and place into the new space on paper. We meet with key staff to place for the new location in much the same way as a new facility using existing furniture where directed.  Any newly needed furniture can be identified, specified and ordered to arrive in time for the move.  By coordinating with all the trades, movers, IT, communications, etc., to see that the items moved whether in part of in entirety are installed per the approved plans developed in advance we can avoid most issues.